La compilation

Raccontino scritto per un concorso indetto dalla “Rockstar games” insomma quelli della serie “Grand Theft Auto”. Non essendomi nemeno piazzato nei primi tre, finalmente posso pubblicarlo sul blog 😉
(Se lo volete ve lo traduco in italiano).

-Mr McRae, here’s your wife Sylvia.
Jeremy McRae, 33, Masters degree in Computer Science at MIT, couldn’t believe his eyes. He
recently answered an announcement he read on a men’s only magazine: “Were you left by your
loved one? Just write us and we will bring it back!”, and he sent a recent picture of his wife as
required by the advertisement. He guessed it was a dating service for lone men and, as he was
lonely and desperate, why not give it a try?
Two weeks later he was invited to come to Mr. Lucius’ office… and he almost fainted when he
saw his wife— his Sylvia!
-That’s not possible, my wife died in a car accident two months ago- he whispered –this woman
resembles her as if she was her sister, but she’s not my Sylvia!
– You are correct. This woman has been emulated from the image you sent us.
She was exactly like she was on the picture: tall, beautiful, with her long brown hair. Even the
dressing matched… the same red skirt and the white sweather she bought during their honeymoon
in Ireland. They stared each other wordlessly, for a whole minute, only to find themselves in each
other’s arms.
-that’s impossible, how did you…
-the process is top secret. Let’s talk about my fee…
Lucius produced an oldish inkpot with a goose quill, a small knife and a sheet of parchment from a
drawer. In that moment Jeremy felt an overwhelming sulphurous stench, as if someone had just lit
ten thousand matches simultaneously. He felt shudders all along his back: he wasn’t a man of faith,
but he felt that all the tales regarding tempting devils were true.
He checked the door, considering a possible escape route, but then Lucius snapped his fingers and
the woman fell uncoscious in his arms.
-what did you do to her? You son of a…
-I sent her into a coma, Mr Jeremy. Until you sign the contract, she’s mine. Do you want to see her
die again? Your life is miserable enough as it is, Mr Jeremy…
-All right, I’ll sign, but wake her!
The man snapped his fingers again and the woman woke up, coughing and crying her husband’s
name. Jeremy helped her sit, then he stepped in front of the desk before an increasingly cheerful
-Just give me that contract and let’s end it!- Said Jeremy grinding his teeth.
He cut his left hand and he dipped the goose quill in his blood; but when he bent to sign, a black Ipod
nano fell from his jacket’s breast pocket.
Lucius took it.
-Neat… I like this kind of gadgets… we could find an agreement…
Jeremy gazed at him for a moment, then he signed and he snatched the device from the other’s
This time was the demon’s turn to be surprised.
– You you don’t get it Lucius – said Jeremy – I have a compilation of some rare songs downloaded
from Napster in its heydays on that thing and you can’t find them anywhere else. Now, if you
excuse me, I have to go home with my wife.

Si ringraziano per il supporto nella traduzione, correzione e incoraggiamento generale: Snaga, Des, Maxx, Nanni, Zuraide.